We thank our many helpers to date — relatives, friends and acquaintances, testers, clients and contacts — some of whom profoundly changed our approach with a single sentence. They include: Christopher Acebo, Robert Barr, Kimberley Barry, Diana Belshaw, Michael Best, Hayley Broker, Juliette Cooter, Stephen Courtenay, Terry Curtis, Lue Morgan Douthit, Roy Easterbrook, Peter Fleming, Robert Gardiner, Christopher Gaze, Thomas Hauff, Antony Holland, David Hudgins, Howard Jang, Catherine Lough Haggquist, Derek Lukin Johnston, David Latham, Joe Leo, Marti Maraden, Jason Miller, Winston Morgan, Gayle Murphy, Ross Nichol, Deb Pickman, John Pollard, Janelle Rainville, Cindy Reid, Kathryn Shaw, Richard Shutler, Andrew Wade and Dave Wang.

Our staff, contractors and consultant professionals, past and present, are our cast and crew. They include: Hessie Abramowitz, Matthew Aitken, Bonnie Allan, Peggie Aulenback, Alan Bruyneel, Xavier Cochard, David Cooper, Lynn Corrigan, Andréa Coutu, Dan Doerkson, Tony DuMoulin, Matthias Eder, Peter Gray, Christine Grimard, Jessica Harvey, Jane Heyman, Odette Hidalgo, Jaime Infante, Jessie Johnston, Scott Klarenbach, Jordon Klarenbach, Mike Klassen, Dave Lee, Patsy Ludwick, George Noroian, Andrew North, Marlie Oden, Judith Penner, Melanie Ray, Amy Tipton, Lara Tiro, Ingrid Turk, Ray Wallis, Sandra Walton and Shirley Wosk.

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